Little Shop of Tat
             M&S Plan A's goal is "only use plastic in our business
              where it has a clear and demonstrable benefit."
                  How does a free plastic toy fit with this?
We have launched a campaign calling for Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom to cease their giveaway promotion, which is 75% plastic; throwaway, giveaway toys.
/plasticispolluting.jpgOn 10th July 2019 I received an email from one of my favourite shopping brands Marks and Spencers (M&S). M&S are a hugh billion pound turnover empire. The email can be read HERE. It informed me about a promotion where for each £20 you spend in food shopping, you would receive a toy replicating in miniature a M&S product.
There are 25 to collect including milk cartons, orange juice cartons, tuna cans, pizza etc. They are giving away miniature versions of the plastic products we are trying to get rid of.

The website states "plastics have become a high-profile issue for consumers, the media and politicians as Blue Planet II highlighted the plight of the oceans." and "We are setting ourselves a simple goal to only use plastic in our business where it has a clear and demonstrable benefit"

The petition was created because:
  • It directly opposes Plan A
  • It is an unnecessary waste of resources
  • The plastic cannot be recycled unless returned to an M&S store.
  • Previous experience of Little Shop promotions has resulted in polluting the oceans.
  • It is against current thinking and public opinion on plastic use.
  • Major TV programs have highlighted the dangers of plastic including Blue Planet, War on Waste

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